Jiangsu Benenv Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Benenv Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd. Is an environmental technology company, specialized in mechanisms, environmental engineering and other related science. With headquarter in Japan, we have factory and office in China.

Benenv specializes in the design, engineering, supply and installation of domestic and commercial water, waste water and sewage treatment systems, gas pollution control, and other environmental engineering products. Our company possesses complete sets of process design, equipment supply, constructions, and technology innovation. Overall, we are highly qualified in delivering turnkey and BOT projects for any industry. We have abundant experience in the treatment of industrial, domestic and commercial hazard wastewater.

Benenv is staffed with local and overseas professionals with more than 15 years of acquired technical expertise and experience, offering various technologies and allied services. Our company works closely with the top 10 universities and scientific institutes to keep our cutting-edge technology and transform science and technology into productivity.

Our company also works with the government, and is authorized as the liaison office of Yixing government to perform technology cooperation with foreign countries.